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Miss Ali’s Young Adults Training Classes provides tuition in Dancing, Singing and Acting all under the one roof. Students can train at the Miss Ali Studios on Thursday evenings and can take all three of there Performing Arts Classes there one after the other. Each weekly session will start with Dancing then there will be a short break. After break, Acting will begin and last for a duration of 45 minutes then the session will end with Vocal Training.

100% of students take all three classes but if you want to only take one or two please get in touch and we can facilitate you. If you are keen to go further with your training and make a career out of Performing Arts or go on to Audition for College Abroad we would 100% recommend that you train in all three areas. Classes for this age group are two hours in duration and parents do not stay during classes. This is to enable our students to build their self-confidence and independence.

Dance Training

Throughout the year our Young Adult Students will focus mainly on Jazz, Commercial, Basic Ballet, Musical Theatre and Lyrical Dancing but other styles may be added along the way. These classes is designed to challenge students and to help improve their technique, performance skills, increase strength, flexibility, co-ordination, rhythm, confidence and posture. Students will get to work with many different industry professionals to expand their dance knowledge and learn many different styles.

Vocal Training

Your weekly Singing Lessons will include helping you to understand your body in relation to your voice. You will focus on posture, perfecting technique, breathing, vocal exercises, breath support, extending your range, and learn how to sing comfortably in your falsetto. Each week you will work with Vocal Coach Miss Ali and Music Producer Greg French.

Drama Training

Dancing is a release of the body. Singing is a release of the soul. Acting? To Act is to do away with both body and soul, and to take on new ones. To become someone else. Most people think that Acting is just learning a bunch of words, and then standing on a stage, or in front of a camera, and saying them. These people are wrong. When you Act, you become your character.