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Singing Classes Dublin

Welcome to The Miss Ali Stage School – Sing with Us.

​“Sing like no-ones listening, dance like nobody’s watching and live like it’s heaven on earth”.

Here at the award-winning Miss Ali Stage School we encourage each and every one of our students to shine. We are on a mission to develop the singing talent of the wonderful children and young adults who attend our school. It’s all about confidence building and fostering the desire to perform. We understand the benefits of positive thinking and good discipline for children and we believe that singing can help to instill both of these valuable traits.

Many of our students joined the school at the tender age of three (we offer classes for three-year olds through to twenty-year olds), and it’s a pleasure to witness their growth and development as performers. Our students have achieved great success in all areas of performance through their training, appearing in Junior Eurovision. X Factor, The Voice UK and at Wembley Arena.

There are opportunities to appear in films, TV commercials and pantomimes. We also have our very own annual performance, where our students have the opportunity to showcase their singing talents.

With over fifteen years’ experience and state of the art facilities, we have a lot to offer including acting, drama, singing, and dance classes. We have industry professionals on hand to offer their wealth of experience and know-how and we encourage our students make the most of all of the wonderful opportunities they come across.

If you are seeking high quality singing classes with an emphasis on performance and fun, then come and sing with us here at The Miss Ali Stage School.

Join a family, not just a club – Book your trial class today.

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