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Why Choose Miss Ali’s Stage School?

Why Choose Miss Ali’s Stage School?

The Miss Ali Stage School is a Performing Arts School of the highest quality. A truly state of the art school for Dance, Performance and Theatre.  

“Dance creates confidence, confidence builds spirit and spirit inspires success.” 


Our wonderful students perform ‘Cirque Du Noa’ in The Olympia Theatre, credit Event Photographer 17.


Dance, Sing, Act & Reach For The Stars. What We Offer:

Children’s Performing Arts Classes

For children aged 3+ we provide vibrant, energetic and imaginative classes with an emphasis on fun! Many of our wonderful students have been with us since they were just little ‘jelly-tots’. We’ve seen them flourish with The Miss Ali Stage School and watched over them as they’ve grown into confident young performers. It’s our mission to develop communication skills, build confidence and develop talent in a fun and friendly environment.

“Sing like no ones listening, dance like nobody’s watching and live like it’s heaven on earth”.


Our hard working, passionate & talented young students in training.


Senior Performing Arts Classes

We provide tuition for Dancing, Singing, and Acting ALL under one roof! Being a teenager can be complicated, with school and many other commitments your free time can be limited. That’s why we’ve incorporated all three of the performance art classes into one weekly session. On Thursday evenings you can undertake dancing, acting and vocal training in three 45 minute classes.

Surrounded by other like minded senior performers and aided by our young and experienced staff, our Senior Performance Classes are the perfect place to hone your skills and develop your talent.

“Dancing is the release of your body. Singing is the release of your soul. While acting is to set aside both…and embrace new ones”.


Our Senior Students Loving Life in The Olympia Theatre, credit Event Photographer 17.


Miss Ali’s School Of Ballet

Through the art of storytelling we unlock poise, self-expression and coordination in our students. Miss Ali’s School of Ballet uses the most beautiful classical symphonies to stimulate imagination and sprinkle a little bit of magic on our ballet dancers. Watch on as your child blossoms into a ballerina during our annual shows, held in some of Dublin´s most prestigious theatres.

“Ballet, put simply, is dreaming with ones feet”.


Ballerinas in the making.


Show Us What You’re Working With! About Our Staff:

Attention to detail is a priority within our team. Our mission is to provide our students with the highest quality tuition. We provide individual attention to each of our students from our young and experienced teachers.


The Miss Ali team together.


It’s Showtime! Our Events:

We hold annual stage shows which are a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the family. These events are the perfect way to build self confidence in our students, surrounded my friends and our attentive staff, cheered on by family and friends. Our events are truly a spectacle to behold.

“A theatre is as good a place as any for magic”.

Have a peak at our ‘Cirque Du Noa’ performance in The Olympia Theatre below:


Location, Location! Where You Can Find Us:

Located in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16, Miss Ali’s Studio sits in the heart of Bubblin’ Dublin right on the Luas Green Line.


Be A Part Of The Magic. Get In Touch:

Contact Miss Ali directly to find out more about our classes: +353 86 3119000


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